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The Office Entertainment Company, Which Provides Games & Tournaments In The Office, Transforming Your Workplace. A Day / Afternoon Or Evening Of Fun In The Office. Games Fit For Your Workplace!

Office Battle Golf Tournament

Office Tournaments are social events within the workplace! We arrange a meeting with the social committee to run over the layout and logistics for your games day in the office!

How does Office Battle Putt Work? (1 – 2 Hours)

  • Based on your tournament number you will play in teams of 2 and below. You Play the game as instructed. 
  •  Each team will be given scorecards, you will play X amount of games each against other teams. Based on tournament numbers. 
  • From your points you will then be drawn into Quarter Finals if you gain enough points. From there we draw Semi Finals and the top 2 teams for the Final Showdown!

Options For Your Tournament, No Set Hours!

If you would like to have a full day of office battle golf games where different sections and teams go up to play we will have instruction boards of how to play and rules. Team leaders will take in the scores and sort out the Final games to see the Winner! 

From £600, based on Numbers & Logistics. 

24/7 Open

How It Works

  • We Plan

    We come into the office, and meet your Social Team or leaders. Run over our ideas which work for you, within your space and layout and timings.

  • We Setup

    Setup timings that work for your office and based on your layout / tournament selection. By the end of setup, the games or tournament will be ready.

  • We Execute

    A member of staff will be on board to get everyone organised. We do all the work, you just enjoy the event with your colleagues and have fun!

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