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The Office Entertainment Company, Which Provides Games & Tournaments In The Office, Transforming Your Workplace. A Day / Afternoon Or Evening Of Fun In The Office. Games Fit For Your Workplace!

Established In 2024

We are an events company with a difference, we bring the events to you transforming your workplace with our Tournaments & Games!

Its a day / afternoon or evening of fun in the office! It’s time for a day of games, challenges, and team bonding! Its a fantastic opportunity to strengthen connections and enhance teamwork. Nothing but good times & vibes in the office!

We have experience in events, we run Putts & Pints and have run multiple corporate events!

How Does It Work?

We come into the office, and meet your Social Team or leaders. Run over our ideas which work for you, within your space and layout. Run over timings and logistics for setup and how long Tournaments take. 

By the end of the meeting we will have a plan of action for either your day of activities or tournament.

We setup based on our previous meeting, with timings that work for your office and based on your layout / tournament selection. 

By the end of setup, the games or tournament will be ready for your office. 

Based on your tournament setup & selection , we will run specific timings. A member of staff will be on board to get everyone organised into there groups (Pre Organised) and get them started into the tournament style event or games on the day. Clear instruction plus scorecards will be given based on Games selected for your day. Scorecards are collected and collated either by our member of staff or your team leaders on the day. 

We do all the work, you just enjoy the event with your colleagues and have fun!

What fun is there without prizes to Acknowledge the best team / individuals on the day so they can stand out in the office! Prizes are based on the Tournament selected, medals / plaques & other personalized memorabilia plus the office name!

You find out the winners, so they can be crowned office champions!

We packup based on initial meeting plan of action, with timings that work for your office.

By the end of packup, the office will look like no games day ever took place!

In every buisiness there is room for improvement, we ask you for your honest feedback from the team and colleagues who took part in the tournament / games day. From this feedback we can help improve our events and make them better! 

However we just want to hear that everyone enjoyed themselves and you liked the service and games on the day!

Event Occasion Ideas!

These events provide an opportunity for colleagues to interact in a more relaxed setting, promoting team building and strengthening professional relationships within the workplace

Team Night?

Social Evening

Games Night?

Office Fun

Celebration Needed?